lilyblossom01-copyThe fairies of the Thicket are full of mischief and simple magic. Some have wings, some don’t. Some live in villages, some live as hermits. They are borrower creatures, living within a world dominated by the human imprint but they’ve learned to adapt around us. The fairies living within Small Thicket use human artifacts to build their homes, adorn their clothing, and learn from.

The distinguishing features of fairies is their generally humanoid appearance. They have elongated ears and nose and teeny tiny stature and live among the animals and insects of the forest. Their skin and hair can be any color found in nature.


A small fairy dwelling carefully hidden under mossy bits. This house was crafted from an old discarded basket and reclaimed by it’s current inhabitant.

Fairies live in constructed homes that are concealed from human eyes by blending in with the Thicket and it’s plant life. Fallen logs, holey tree trunks, and abandoned burrows all make excellent fairy housing. But fairies have more discerning taste than insects or small animals and take pride in the decoration of their homes. Much of their furniture, construction, and decor consists of discarded or lost human artifacts which are prized for their durability and creativity.

2017 Book Club copy
A book club meeting at Toadapple’s house, Coralbelle Moth and Sap Ant round out the group.

Fairies frequently use a combination of both natural and human elements in their clothing. They love wearing berries, flowers, leaves, thimbles, bottle caps, you name it. Their dress is fanciful and reflects their personality quite well.