Custom Fairy Friend Doll Form

Hello, you’ve reserved a spot on the Custom Fairy Friend waitlist! Congrats and thank you for your support!

Please fill out this questionnaire to help streamline the custom process; the less questions I have the quicker I can get started on your doll! The more detail you provide, the more detailed I can be. If you prefer light pink, put light pink! Otherwise I may use hot pink or dark pink. Please understand the more back and forth we have about your choices the longer it will take me to complete your doll.

Once I have received your completed form I will send you an invoice via Paypal for your total amount plus shipping. Basic custom Fairy Friends start at $89.

If you would like a fairy inspired by a previously made doll, please browse my instagram @alyssarspencer #fairyfrienddoll for examples.

Any spots left blank will be left up to me! Thank you!

doll_customFairy2017 copy
This fairy has wings, a knit gathering bag, multicolored hair, an acorn hat, a leaf collar, a butterfly friend, and fancy embroidery on the collar and hat.

-Your Information:

-Basic Custom Doll $89+:
Each doll is handmade using my own patterns. I use cotton fabric, wool and cotton yarn, wool/rayon felt, some synthetic blends and vintage material where applicable. Please choose the features of your doll here.

-Clothing and Accessory Options:
Each basic custom Fairy Friend comes with two standard clothing or accessory pieces included in the price. Please choose your Fairy’s outfit or accessories. Additional accessories beyond the two included will add to the final doll price. Prices beside options reflect the additional price should you choose to add them. Items or accessories not listed are welcome, please include them in the additional comments section below.

Upgrades and Extras:

doll_customfairysisters2017 copy
The fairy on the left has multicolored hair, a flower crown, knit shawl with button, basic skirt, and wings. The fairy on the right has a flower crown, wings, fancy skirt, and matching fairy baby.