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Can I use your photos/artwork/patterns for ______?

You are welcome to share my projects through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc, as long as proper attribution is maintained and linked back to Always give your artists proper credit! Only share one photo from each post and up to one paragraph of text which must link back to You may not reproduce any of my artwork at any time, even for personal reasons, without written consent. Any free printables featured are for personal use only, no rights are transferred. For commercial work, private commissions, interviews, and any other inquiries please email me at smallthicket at

Free printables? How does that work?

I have designed lots of free and for sale printables for your personal use. These include but are not limited to: Activity and coloring pages, patterns, designs, paper toys, etc. You are welcome to share these printables through social media as long as proper attribution is maintained (Alyssa R. Spencer) and linked back to Always give your artists proper credit! Do not alter these printables in any way. Do not reproduce. Do not reproduce for profit. All rights reserved. If you’re unsure if it’s okay to use one of my printables, just ask! I’m happy to help.

How did you learn to do _____? Care to share a technique for _____?

I’ve started doing videos that document some of my illustrative process so check those out here.

I’ve been creating art and crafts my whole life. I’m a self taught artist through and through. If I want to learn how to do/make/assemble something, I learn using the books and the internet (yay Google!) and a lot of trial and error. I’ve been working on a degree in Illustration for a few years and have had some additional training through those college courses as well. I use many different techniques for all of my work including sculpting, illustrating, paper crafting, collage, needle felting, sewing (both by hand and by machine), soldering electrical components, large scale woodworking, and mold making and casting, the list goes on. I’ll always try to point you in the direction of helpful resources and cite any sources I use and some of my WIP’s might be helpful. I’m happy to answer questions about items I’ve created so drop me a line!

Where can I buy your artwork?

Handmade dolls, prints, postcards, paper dolls, originals, etc can be found at the Small Thicket Store. Fabric and giftwrap designs can be found at my Spoonflower Shop. Please contact for wholesale inquiries and policies.